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Design Home Decor

A look outside

This is my favorite outdoor furniture brand. The Spanish company Gandia Blasco is impossible to imitate. Its furniture immediately gives a modern and clean touch to all exteriors, even the small ones.

Here’s an exemple from one of my works; even though the terrace was pretty small, a touch of Gandia helped me to change the all look of the apartment:

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Art Home Decor

Need a change?

Born and raised in Colombia, and living in Barcelona since 1999, Catalina Estrada brings all the colors and power of Latin-American folklore and refines it with a subtle touch of European sophistication. Her ability for creating fascinating illusive worlds, full of colors, nature, and enchanting characters, bursts in all of her works. She says: “I love colors and shapes and if I have a choice I want to make them beautiful.” If you need to completely change your house with just one touch, you know how to do it! 

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Home Decor Interiors

A work in progress house

The house of Illustrator  Paula Mills is what I call a great example of good taste. Without necessarily  following interior design last trends, this place totally express the owner’s personality. I love the way vintage and personal objects are mixed together. Definitely a great example for people who want to redecorate their own place.

(Via designsponge)

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