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A little bit of history

Between my temporary moving experience and the new renovation project that is taking place in my own apartment, life has been very busy lately. I haven’t had much time for my blog. But I am eventully back now! With some amazing pictures about art galleries in  Palma, Mallorca that I saw on Emma’s blog awhile ago. Here it is.

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Architecture History charme Interiors

The best rooftop ever

I can’t still believe my eyes. It’s one of the most beautiful things I have ever stumbled on. The all-white roof top pool on top of this renovated building by Belgian architects DMVA, is simply breathtaking. Great taste in use of materials and colors. Almost poetry.

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Architecture History charme

Dreams in the sand

Kolmanskop is a ghost town in the Namib Desert in southern Namibia abandoned around 55 years ago. It used to be a thriving town of just over 1,000 people, most of them contract workers. With this population came a vibrant array of culture and entertainment, all of which is slowly being engulfed by the desert sands. When I first saw these pictures I just couldn’t help falling in love with them. The poetry in them is breathtaking. I will go there someday…

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House design Interiors

Dinner in São Paulo

This is Guilherme Torres’ Studio GT in São Paulo, Brazil. It is the renovation of what used to be home to Brazilian artist Victor Brecheret. It was originally constructed in the 1940s but uninhabited for decades after the artist’s death. Thanks to Torres’ work, it got back to a new life. I love the way different materials match in a perfect balance, and the relation that interior and exterior spaces have with each other. read more »

History charme

Like in a fairy tale

The Château de Moissac-Bellevue was, during 17th century, the vacation place of a noble Provençal family. It unbelievably kept all the magic that comes from history, ancient love stories and breathtaking architecture. I’d like to spend a couple of days here. Wouldn’t you?

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