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Dreamlike architecture

Poetic bridge

A very special bridge designed by Studio AZC under the 2012 edition of the contest of ideas ArchTriumph. I just love the idea of jumping right on the water.
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Architecture House design

Into the wild

Architect William O’Brien Jr. created two incredibly serene and stunning vacation properties for two brothers and their families in upstate New York. Clean, modern, warm and perfect. Check it out.

(Via oliveryaphe.com)

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Home made Architectural poetry

I stepped on this video a couple of days ago. It is made for Architecture lovers. But also for those who love beauty and intelligent ways of expressing it. Check it out!

Architecture House design

A dreamlike house

I first thought it was a three dimensional render. Then I understood that this house designed by Architect Manuel Aires Mateus is totally real. I love the simple volumes and the balance between empty and filled space. It is true: less is more.

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Architecture Dreamlike architecture House design

Poetic Architecture

This house designed by Architect  William O’Brien Jr just stepped out of a dream. It is called Allandale House and I think that Architecture can’t really get much better than this.

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Architecture House design

Scandinavian style

Architecture firm Elding Oscarson designed this amazing townhouse in the small village of Landskrona, Sweden. I love the “poetic contrast” with the surrounding old buildings.

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House design

Dune House

I find this house very fascinating. The most enchanting thing is actually that I don’t quite understand why. The Architecture design is clean and unusual at the same time. But…what I think I like the most here is probably the combination with the surrounding landscape. Maybe. Or maybe it’s just a “poetic issue”…The Dune House is located on the seafront in Suffolk, England and it is designed by Norwegian Architects Jarmund/Vigsnæs

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