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Poetic apartment

It has been such a long time!

I am hoping to be more consistent in the future.

I have a little news regarding a recently completed work of mines.

Its name is Poetic Apartment.
I thought it would be the right post for the right blog.
Isn’t it?

Check it out and let me know what you think about it!

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my work

Recent work

This is my latest work.

I normally don’t post my own design but in this case I think it is really in the blog’s mood.

Check it out and let me know if you like it:

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Home Decor Interiors

Some bathrooms…

I love to design bathrooms. This is why I decided to I put together images of those that I find really spectacular. They will definitely inspire me for my next projects.

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Design Interiors

Tiny ideas

Surfing the web I found these very interesting and fun stickers by Ferm Living. I might get one of them for my apartment.

Check them out:

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Symmetry, my love!

I love symmetry in my work.

And this is the reason why I love this simple, symmetrical, monochromatic interior by Mires Paris.

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Dreamlike architecture

Poetic bridge

A very special bridge designed by Studio AZC under the 2012 edition of the contest of ideas ArchTriumph. I just love the idea of jumping right on the water.
Check it out:


The office I’d like to work in…

Leo Burnett Office designed by Ministry of Design in Singapore. Ironic, simple, light and with a little bit of poetry in it. Just perfectly inspiring for me.

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Home Decor Inspiration Interiors

Scandinavian mood

I normally don’t post random pictures and I focus on one project or something specific that catches my attention. But today I am in the mood for something different. I want light. And color. And white. In one word, I want some Scandinavian flair. And here they are. Straight from the net…a bunch of images that I really liked.

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House design Inspiration Interiors

The best thing

The best thing I have seen in awhile is John Pawson’s latest project, Casa delle Bottere. Pawson is my constant inspiration and I find his way of designing space, unbelievably poetic. Architecture, Poetry and dream melt together in heaven-like architectures. Love it!

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Just like flying

The new office of LYCS Architecture is a renovation design of a tower penthouse in downtown Hangzhou, with a panorama view of the West Lake World Heritage. Looking at these images…I kind of feel like flying. Do you?


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